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Here we acknowledge the hustlers,

the speedsters, the dribblers, the goal scorers, the game changers, the jaw droppers, and the show stoppers. 


The players who bring it.  Every practice.  Every game.  



In order to be selected to BSSA's Hall of Fame, players must demonstrate excellence (within their respective age group) in all of the following areas on a consistent basis for at least three years with BSSA:

  • Athleticism

    • player possesses incredible speed, agility, power, explosiveness​, and endurance

  • Attitude​

    • player brings enthusiasm, energy, and effort to practices and games, maintains focus, supports and encourages teammates, does not complain about positions or playing time, and does not dwell on mistakes

  • Coachable​

    • player follows instructions, receives criticism, and makes the necessary changes without argument or complaints​

  • Defense​

    • player is highly skilled at 1v1 defense​, understands the defensive concepts of pressure, cover, and balance, is able to clear the ball out of danger areas, and is not timid or hesitant

  • Dribbling

    • ​player is highly skilled at dribbling the soccer ball under close control, 1v1 offense, change of direction, change of speed, and dribbling feints and fakes

  • Game Changer

    • player makes big plays in big games when everything is on the line​

  • Organized​

    • player arrives at games and practices on time with all the necessary uniforms and equipment​

  • Passing/Receiving​

    • player is able to receive the soccer ball under close control, maintain possession, complete short and long passes to teammates, and understands when, how, and where to move off-the-ball

  • Shooting

    • player is able to shoot the soccer ball with power, form, and accuracy

  • Special Quality​

    • Examples:  player scores jaw-dropping goals, makes incredible defensive stops, or out hustles everyone on the field, etc., to the point where opposing coaches, referees, and other unbiased people regularly comment about the player's special abilities

  • Sportsmanship​

    • player is aggressive but plays fair, does not argue with referees, coaches, players, or spectators

BSSA Hall of Fame Members

HOF Members
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