1st Foot Wedge Classic

1.  Registration fees are non-refundable. 


2.  Your registration fee is a voluntary donation to Blue Springs Soccer Academy.  

3.  Registration is not complete until full payment is received.  

4.  Online registration closes on September 17, 2020.  If you miss the online registration but would like to play in the tournament, please contact us.  

5. The Stud Flight 3-man scramble is limited to 20 teams; each team will be accompanied by a referee; USGA rules otherwise apply to this scramble format; no mulligans, no strings, and no cheating; no gimmies----i.e., the ball must be putted into the hole; the referee will keep score after each stroke; the referee's decisions are final unless the Tournament Director (816-548-9990) is called before taking another stroke; the Tournament Director's decisions are final.   

6.  The Stud Flight 3-man scramble winning team will receive up to $1,500, or 40% of the Stud Flight registration fees collected, whichever is lower, and such first place prize money will be distributed equally among the winning team; if weather or other issue does not permit any holes to be played, there will be no winning team and each Stud Flight registrant who paid in full will receive a $45 refund; if weather or other issue permits some golf but less than 18 holes to be played, there will be no winning team and no refunds will be provided. 


7.  If there are two or more teams tied for first in the Stud Flight after 18 holes, each team will select one player to compete in a putt-off tie breaker on the practice putting green; the Tournament Director will select a spot on the green and designate a hole and the order of play, and the selected players from the tied teams will get three puts each (consecutively, not alternating); the single putt that is closest to the hole wins it all; the Tournament Director's measurements and decisions are final.  

8.   All participants must follow the rules and policies of Royal Meadows Golf Course.


9.  Don't be a jerk; the purpose of this golf tournament is to raise money for Blue Springs Soccer Academy and to have fun.